Saturday, March 5, 2011

Railroad Tracks

I was walking home with a few of my friends, since no one has gas money, on the railroad tracks today. Nothing out of the norm was really going on, the trees were an off green and orange with the wind slowly blowing thought the woods. The bright warm sun beating down on our tired bodies and the gravel below us. We climbed up one of the bridges, where the cars pass over the valley, and sat under the one side to briefly take a break in the shade. As I took a water bottle out of my backpack I noticed a strange symbol within the graffiti on the bridge. There was a giant X with a O around it on one of the pillars. I went over to wash it off, if I could, just because for some reason it was making me feel uneasy in a way. When I touched it I heard a voice. The same voice that I heard a few days ago. I couldn't make out words, but as soon as I heard it I let go of the wall and told my friend Miles that I wanted to leave. He looked at me in a strange way and asked, " afraid of heights or somethin?" I said, "Ya, I get dizzy and feel like I'm gonna fall. I just want to start headin home...I'm tired." We all then left and soon went our separate ways toward home. The whole way back I kept telling myself I'm just dehydrated and keep making these things up. I know I am...I have to be.

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